terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2008

Se falasse contigo Hoje dir-te-ia...

The One That Got Away

would ya spare a minute?

give me a single chance
to look in your eyes
let me hold your hand
i want to get close enough,to read you
understand you
open up your heart
open up your mind
nobody needs another stalker in
your liife
i'm only here to help you learn to love me,
to know me
i need a hook so you won't be
the one that got away
i need a look that stunns ya,
makes ya wanna stay.
don't wanna speak in case
it comes out wrong
don't wanna blink coz
in a second you could be gone
i need a twist to
turn this story round.
i need a bridge to cross
this danmgerous ground
meet me in the middle
like i want ya to.
i gotta find your heart
to shoot my arrow through
did ya see me staring
you caught my eye
don't turn around
don't walk away
the night is young, can we get together?
got so many questions
feelings i can't explain
we're worlds apart
i dont even know your name
i'm longing to give you my heart
turn around, don't evaporate
like you never came turn around
don't be a ghost
forever never there to haunt me.
sliding doors.
they aren't just on trains
we're alone on a platform in the rain
theres a chance
and it won't come again
turn around
your whole life has changed

Natasha Bedingfield

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